“It’s one of the things I really like about managing people — the teaching element, and giving feedback,” commented SugarSync Chief Executive Laura Yecies in a recent interview with New York Times reporter Adam Bryant. Yecies likens it to a professor grading assignments.  “If the teacher gives you a B, without any specifics, that’s not […]

Although most Training and Development professionals conduct survey learners in individual courses immediately after those learning events, practical issues (such as the fact that informal learning often happens unconsciously, outside of the scope of a scheduled event) make such methods difficult to use in many informal learning settings. In such cases, a few strategically placed […]

A couple of months ago, I explored the uses of social media (also called Web 2.0) in informal learning.  Because social media is relatively new (less than a decade) and is responsible for much of the current interest in informal learning, many training and development professionals overlook the opportunities that older computer-based technologies offer for […]

Informal Learning Basics received an Award of Distinguished Technical Communication in the 2013 Technical Communications Competition in the User Manual category. In plain English, the book receive a first-place award in its category. Thanks to my editors at ASTD–Mark Morrow, Stephanie Castellano, and Justin Brusino–for helping me shape this manuscript and Juana Llorens for her […]

For many, one of the traditions of starting the new year involves an assessment of where we have been in the past year, and where we’re going in the coming one.  One area that often generates much interest is career-related. Many people self-assess their skills now so they can chart a plan for the coming […]

The previous two posts described eleven specific types of social media that you can use for informal learning. The first explored five social media with which you are likely to already be familiar. The second post explored six social media that have specific applications for informal learning. Table 1 in this post summarizes the previous […]

The first installment of this post explored the informal learning applications of five social media with which you are already likely to be familiar.  This post continues the discussion. Six Social Media That Have Specific Uses in Informal Learning Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar common applications weren’t primarily designed for informal learning—and may not offer […]