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Quatro nocoes basicas sobre aprenizagem informal no trabalho

For those of you who read Portuguese, check out Quatro nocoes basicas sobre aprenizagem informal no trabalho in the most recent issue of Aprender, the magazine of the Portuguese Association of People Management, an affiliate of the European Association for People Management.  In fact, the entire issue focuses on informal and non-formal learning.  Click here […]

Informal Learning Basics Wins Award

Informal Learning Basics received an Award of Distinguished Technical Communication in the 2013 Technical Communications Competition in the User Manual category. In plain English, the book receive a first-place award in its category. Thanks to my editors at ASTD–Mark Morrow, Stephanie Castellano, and Justin Brusino–for helping me shape this manuscript and Juana Llorens for her […]

Informal Learning Basics Profiled in Concordia Now

For a profile of Informal Learning Basics and my motivations for writing it, visit