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Complement Training Design Basics with the Basics of Informal Learning

For those who have mastered the basics of designing formal training programs, complement your reading with Informal Learning Basics, which explores casual and incidental learning in the workplace, identifies the many forms informal learning takes, and explains how to support it, integrate it into a comprehensive training plan, and evaluate the impact of informal learning. […]

Informal Learning Basics Wins International Award

Informal Learning Basics received an Award of Distinguished Technical Communication in the 2013 Technical Communications Competition in the international Summit Awards sponsored by the Society for Technical Communication in the User Manual category. In plain English, the book received a first-place award in its category. The book previously received an Award of Distinguished Technical Communication in […]

Handout from “A Model for Measuring and Evaluating Informal Learning”

Follow this link to the handout for A Model for Measuring and Evaluating Informal Learning, presented at the 2013 Academy of Human Resource Development Conference in the Americas. This was a theoretical presentation. I will be presenting a version of the content aimed at practicing professionals at the PACT meeting in Minneapolis, May 10.

Portfolios and Certification: Two Frameworks for Recognizing Informal Learning

Here is a link to  the handouts from my presentation, Portfolios and Certification: Two Frameworks for Recognizing Informal Learning the link below to receive a copy of the visuals from my presentation, scheduled for presentation ,Friday, November 30, 2012 at the Business Educa conference in Berlin (part of the Online Educa conference). The presentation: “explains and demonstrates two […]

Upcoming Webcast: e-Learning Guild Thought Leader Webinar

What? e-Learning Guild Thought Leader Webinar: What’s the Real Scoop with Online Learning.  Informal learning is hot right now — everyone seems to be talking about it, many are advocating more use of it in the workplace, and a few even suggest it should replace formal training. But what’s the real scoop? Can informal learning replace […]

Learning at the Water Cooler

Is chatting by the water cooler or engaging in an online conversation wasting time on the company clock? Not necessarily, says Concordia’s Saul Carliner, director of the Education Doctoral Program and associate professor in the Department of Education. Both can be valuable learning experiences — what education experts call informal learning. Read the entire feature […]

Slides from the My Presentation at the Serious Games Conference

Click here to view a copy of my presentation, Informal Learning: Games and the Life Cycle of a Job, at the Serious Games Conference in Redmond, Washington, August 23, 2012.