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Informal Learning Insight of the Month: Don’t Just Give an Assessment, Explain How You Arrived at It

“It’s one of the things I really like about managing people — the teaching element, and giving feedback,” commented SugarSync Chief Executive Laura Yecies in a recent interview with New York Times reporter Adam Bryant. Yecies likens it to a professor grading assignments.  “If the teacher gives you a B, without any specifics, that’s not […]

Informal Learning Insight of the Month: Using Surveys to Find Out about Informal Learning Efforts

Although most Training and Development professionals conduct survey learners in individual courses immediately after those learning events, practical issues (such as the fact that informal learning often happens unconsciously, outside of the scope of a scheduled event) make such methods difficult to use in many informal learning settings. In such cases, a few strategically placed […]

A Framework for Conducting a Skills Self-Assessment to Start the New Year

For many, one of the traditions of starting the new year involves an assessment of where we have been in the past year, and where we’re going in the coming one.  One area that often generates much interest is career-related. Many people self-assess their skills now so they can chart a plan for the coming […]

Handout from “A Model for Measuring and Evaluating Informal Learning”

Follow this link to the handout for A Model for Measuring and Evaluating Informal Learning, presented at the 2013 Academy of Human Resource Development Conference in the Americas. This was a theoretical presentation. I will be presenting a version of the content aimed at practicing professionals at the PACT meeting in Minneapolis, May 10.

Portfolios and Certification: Two Frameworks for Recognizing Informal Learning

Here is a link to  the handouts from my presentation, Portfolios and Certification: Two Frameworks for Recognizing Informal Learning the link below to receive a copy of the visuals from my presentation, scheduled for presentation ,Friday, November 30, 2012 at the Business Educa conference in Berlin (part of the Online Educa conference). The presentation: “explains and demonstrates two […]

Informal Learning Insight of the Week: Recognizing Informal Learning with “Badges”

For those looking for ways to recognize informal learning, consider “badges,” which recognize learners for participation in informal learning events, helping other learners, and similar types of learning tasks. Many online learning providers, such as online universities, nonprofit learning sites, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) providers already use badges or a similar systems of […]