About Informal Learning Basics

This blog accompanies the book, Informal Learning Basics (ASTD Press), which explores one of the hottest topics in training today.

The book describes how training and development and other Human Resources professionals can better harness informal learning.  By some accounts, informal learning—in which learners define some combination of the process, location, purpose, and content of learning and may or may not be conscious that learning occurred—provides as much as 70 percent of all learning in the workplace with little or no involvement of training and development professionals.

So readers have realistic expectations and plans for the application of informal learning in the workplace, the book first describes how informal learning works and identifies how to use it effectively at key touch points in the life cycle of a job.  Then, to help readers harness the power of informal learning, this book describes how readers can support 22 specific types of group and individual informal learning,  how social, enterprise and other instructional technologies can assist in those efforts, and how to evaluate informal learning.  Each chapter includes exercises that help readers apply the concepts presented in the book and worksheets that readers can use when planning informal learning efforts in their organizations.

This blog illuminates the book and aids Training and Development professionals in their efforts to support informal learning processes in their own and client organizations. This blog does so by:

  • Publishing material that we had to cut from the book to fit the page limit.
  • Providing additional material that illuminates the content in the book.
  • Sharing news directly or indirectly related to informal learning.
  • Providing worksheets and similar resources that might help with efforts to support informal learning.
  • Linking to specific informal learning opportunities that you can recommend to others or try yourself.

Saul Carliner is both the author of the book and the blogger.

To keep up with changes to this blog, “Like” the Facebook page for Informal Learning Basics, which publicizes new developments here.

To order the book, visit http://saulcarliner.blogspot.com/2012/05/order-books-including-informal-learning.html

© Saul Carliner, 2012. All rights reserved.

Unless specified otherwise, all material on this blog was written by Saul Carliner.

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