Complement Training Design Basics with the Basics of Informal Learning

For those who have mastered the basics of designing formal training programs, complement your reading with Informal Learning Basics, which explores casual and incidental learning in the workplace, identifies the many forms informal learning takes, and explains how to support it, integrate it into a comprehensive training plan, and evaluate the impact of informal learning.

Specifically, Informal Learning Basics explains how workplace learning professionals can harness informal learning—the learning that happens outside of formal courses through individual initiative, on-the-job discussions and experience—to strengthen the performance of workers. According to some reports, informal learning accounts for as much as 70 percent of all workplace learning. So readers have realistic expectations of informal learning, the book first describes how it works and suggests how to effectively integrate it at key points in the life cycle of a job. Then, to help readers leverage the power of informal learning, the book describes how to support 22 specific types of informal learning, how social and educational technologies can assist in those efforts, and how to evaluate informal learning. Each chapter includes exercises to help readers apply the concepts and worksheets that help with specific informal learning projects.

To order and receive more information about Informal Learning Basics, visit The book is also available from,,, and


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